Professional Flight Training

Professional Flight Training For Aircraft Owner Pilots

As an aircraft owner, you want a different experience than what a flight school can provide.  That’s what Texas Top Aviation specializes in.  With five years under our belt of working with aircraft owners, we know that you aren’t a student; you are a client.  We strive to give our clients excellent, professional flight instruction.  We want your training experience to be highly educational, but fun too.  You should step out of the airplane with a smile on your face.  You may be tired, but we want you to be happy with your flight training experience!

Hank Gibson-Owner

Hank Gibson received his bachelor’s degree in Professional Flight from LeTourneau University.  After graduating, Hank went on to work as a flight instructor at Anson Air in Sugarland, TX. Later, he went back to LeTourneau University to give students the same excellent instruction he received as a student there.

After a year and a half of instructing at LeTourneau, Hank joined High Performance Aviation, where he became a CSIP, and a  CFAI+.  During his time at High Performance Aviation, he logged 900 hours instructing in a variety of Technically Advanced Aircraft, specializing in Cirrus and Columbia aircraft.  Hank also completed the American Bonanza Society ABS Instructor course in 2014, certifying him to instruct in Beechcraft aircraft.  After gaining knowledge of the Piper PA46 piston engine aircraft line (Malibu/Mirage/Matrix), Hank began giving insurance approved initial and recurrent training to PA46 owners in 2017.

Now, with over 6,000 hours of flight experience, Hank is qualified to fly and instruct most single engine piston aircraft.

Hank has been designated a Master CFI, served on the FAASTeam, and been a member of the Malibu & M-Class Owner’s and Pilot’s Association Safety Committee.

Hank continues his personal passion for learning all he can about aviation.  In 2017, he received his initial training in a Cessna 425 Conquest I.  In 2018, he received his Commercial Single Engine Seaplane rating, was designated a Cirrus Platinum CSIP (given to Cirrus instructors who have compiled over 2,000 hours in Cirrus Aircraft), and, in 2019, an MMOPA Master Aviator.

Hank’s professionalism, love of teaching and personalized approach have made him the go-to instructor for owner pilots all over Texas and the United States. His attention to detail and extensive knowledge of airplanes and the industry have earned him a great reputation as a consultant for the purchasing of personal airplanes.

Stephanie Mertz-Instructor

Stephanie graduated from LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas with a degree in Aeronautical Science, earning her commercial single and multi ratings while there. She began her aviation career in Ontario, California flying a Pilatus PC-12 for charter and medical trips. While operating the PC-12, she gained valuable experience flying all over the US and Mexico.

In 2013, Stephanie moved back to East Texas with her husband where she worked as a contract pilot flying a variety of Citations as well as a Falcon 10. A few years later, she became involved in her local Ninety-Nines chapter and joined their mentorship program.

After earning her CFI, CFII, and MEI, Stephanie returned to her alma mater to pass on her flying passions to college students through flight instructing. After a year of teaching at LeTourneau, she and her husband, with their first baby in tow, moved to the Austin area. Now she is instructing with Texas Top Aviation while acting as a mentor for other women working on achieving their flying dreams.

“The most important aspect of the service [Hank] provides is good communication. [Hank] did an excellent job of constantly communicating with me. Even when there was no real news to share, [he’d] still call periodically just to let me know what [he was] doing to gain exposure and who [he] had talked to along the way. I can’t tell you how much [his] good communication meant to me. That is the key element of good customer service, and [he] really [is] a great communicator.”  Randy VanStory, Lancair Super ES Sale, New Braunfels, TX

“I met Hank early 2015 on a recommendation from an ex-Cirrus factory pilot. I was a highly corroded rusty pilot looking for transition training to an SR20. Hank is a very good and patient teacher who adapted to my style of learning. Fast forward, Hank is now my instrument instructor. His company Texas Top Aviation LLC works around my schedule and constantly adjusts to my learning stages and needs. Last, Hank and his associates are just plain fun to be around!”  Stephen Pargeter, Cirrus SR20 Transition & Instrument Training, San Antonio, TX

“Hank was recommended to me by a student of his to help me buy an airplane.  I had recently received my private pilot license and was planning not only to purchase my own aircraft but also to move into instrument training using my own plane.  I can say without any reservation that the entire process of researching, deciding, shopping, negotiating and buying the plane was an enjoyable experience thanks to Hank. He is very skilled and has incredible experience and knowledge regarding many airplanes.  He knows the industry and the marketplace.  I have a lot of personal experience in buying and selling cars, boats, motorcycles and real estate, but I can say without question that I would not have been able to navigate the aircraft purchase process on my own.” Kevin Browne, Diamond DA40 Acquisition, San Antonio, TX

“I engaged Hank for my PA-46 transition training. I was coming from a Bonanza and had very limited experience with Pipers. Hank made the transition very enjoyable. His knowledge, training approach, and overall demeanor is fantastic.  I would highly recommend Hank for those looking for any type of advanced training. ” John Ordway, Piper PA46-310P Initial Training, Philadelphia, PA

“Hank was recommended to me for Cirrus transition training by the Cirrus fleet manager at Lift Aviation.  As a private pilot who had recently completed instrument training in a six-pack 172, Hank also had the job of transitioning my skills and workflows to the advanced avionics and powerful engine of the SR22T G5.  He is a very structured, methodical instructor who communicates very well.  I always knew what to expect and what to prepare for.  His instruction is clear and focused, and both the pre-flight and post-flight briefings ensure progress and understanding.  On top of that, he is a friendly and easy-going pilot who makes the process comfortable and enjoyable!”  Krista Miller, Cirrus SR22T G5 Initial Training, Austin, TX

“My son and I recently had the joy and pleasure to engage the professional services of Hank Gibson to educate, train and impart specifics relative to our recently purchase of a 2011 PA46. We connected immediately with Hank as he genuinely cares about you, your safety, proficiency and even your family- it wasn’t all business. His mutual desire to provide a well-structured, understandable, user-friendly experience tailored to our backgrounds, flight experience and learning style made this experience enjoyable. Stepping into glass with the G1000, I anticipated a challenge for this old steam-gauged Bonanza pilot. However, Hank provided excellent ground and flight instruction that allowed us both to grasp the curriculum, POH, technology and rigorous flight training segments. He was kind in his correction of bad habits and encouraging when competencies were met. I look forward to many more hours of learning, growing, sharing life and our passion of flying. We would recommend Hank to anyone for their transition training, continuation of their IFR professional development or safe flight operations. Onward and Upward!”  Rick Edwards, Piper PA46-350P Initial Training, Horseshoe Bay, TX