N132BB Lancair Super ES


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Aircraft Description


Are you looking for an airplane that will get you places with both style and speed?  Just looking at N132BB, a 2004 Experimental Lancair Super ES, you can see it wants to go fast.  With a top cruise speed of 220 KTAS and a service ceiling of 25,000 feet, you can get places fast and climb over weather on your way.

Need to carry 4 people and full fuel?  No problem.  N132BB has a maximum gross weight of 4,000 pounds.  The empty weight comes in at a minuscule 2,510 pounds, giving you nearly 1,500 pounds of useful load.  Having 92 gallons of usable  fuel while only burning 16.5 GPH at cruise gives you a huge range to avoid all those pesky fuel stops.

N132BB sports beautiful, modern, dual-screen Garmin avionics.  Equipped with the dual-screen Garmin G3X Panels (the experimental version of the G600), dual axis Garmin GSA-28 autopilot (experimental version of the GFC 700), and Garmin GMC 305 autopilot control panel,  you will not find another airplane like it.  Fully loaded with a Garmin GDL 39 ADS-B antenna, you can get on screen, up to the minute traffic and weather while you are listening to the game on your XM Radio.

The only downside?  Those annoying bathroom breaks when you have to descend and slow down.

N132BB can be yours today.  Contact Hank Gibson at Texas Top Aviation at (512) 270-1298 or Hank@TXtopaviation.com.

Aircraft Specs


Aircraft Total Time: 740 hours
Empty Weight:  2,510 lbs
Max Gross Weight:  4,000 lbs
Service Ceiling:  25,000 feet
92 Gallons Usable Fuel
16.5 GPH Fuel Burn
Complete Composite construction


Continental TSIO-550-E Twin Turbo, 350 HP at 2700 RPM, 1600 TBO
Engine Total Time:  1075 hours
Time Since Major Overhaul:  545 hours
12 quart oil sump


4 Blade, Composite, MT-Propeller, Model MTV-14-D
120 Hours TSMOH


Dual Display Garmin G3X (Experimental Version of Garmin G600), PFD & MFD, Synthetic Vision, and Built In GPS #2
Dual Axis Garmin GSA 28 Autopilot (Experimental Version of Garmin GFC 700)
Garmin GMC 305 Autopilot Control Panel
Fully Integrated Garmin GNS 430W GPS #1, Com & Nav #1
Garmin GTX-330 ES Transponder with the Garmin GDL39 ADS-B Antenna, giving you ADS-B and TIS-A on screen traffic displayed on the MFD
Apollo SL 40 Com #2
PMS-700 Audio Panel

Additional Equipment

Integrated XM Radio
Elevator, Aileron, and Rudder Electric Trim
Mountain High In Panel Pulse Demand Oxygen System
Heated Rear Seats


Red, with yellow stripes and flames on the vertical stabilizer, wings, and belly
Paint is in pristine condition
Remote keyless entry baggage door


Gray leather seats in excellent condition
Extended seat rails on pilot side
Fold flat back seats for added baggage room
120 lbs max baggage

Inspection Status

Annual Inspection Completed November 2014