Texas Top Aviation’s IFR Course

Texas Top Aviation’s 5 Week IFR Course

The Texas Top Aviation 5 week IFR course is designed for the businessman/aircraft owner. The 15 day course, spread out over 5 weeks, puts an emphasis on gaining a deeper understanding of operating in the IFR environment while still accomplishing the entire IFR course in a compact amount of time.

How did the course take shape? In our experience, it is possible to get an instrument rating in a short amount of time. The problem is, that time can get too short and the pilot only has a very basic level of instrument knowledge when the check ride is completed. In other words, the pilot is taught how to pass the test, not operate in the IFR environment.

We at Texas Top Aviation knew there was a better way. So, we developed our 5 week instrument course. The course consists of 15 days of training, plus 2 weeks of rest.

  • Train Week 1 (5 Days)
  • Rest Week 2
  • Train Week 3 (5 Days)
  • Rest Week 4
  • Train Week 5 and take the check ride (Fly 5 days, check ride on Day 6)

The 2 rest weeks are very purposeful. It allows the trainee do several things. First and foremost, the concepts that were introduced in the previous week get a chance to settle in, thought about and understood. Second, the pilot has work and family responsibilities to take care of that a rest week allows for. Finally, 15 days straight is a lot of flying, so rest is a good thing!

Texas Top Aviation specializes in Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), but can train in almost any type of single engine aircraft. If you are based in the San Antonio/Austin area, the training can be conducted at your airport. If you are based outside the San Antonio/Austin area, the training will be based at the San Marcos Regional Airport (KHYI). Texas Top Aviation has access to hangar space and a beautiful FBO in Redbird Skyport. Rental cars are easily set up and there are a number of hotels within 10 minutes of the airport (plus a lot of good restaurants!).

Before training can begin, the trainee must complete the IFR written exam. Ground review for the oral portion of the check ride is built in to the course. A great spot to do your IFR ground school is with Streamline Aviation in Austin.

Texas Top Aviation’s 5 Week IFR Course is scheduled well in advance. If you are interested, please Contact Us today for pricing and more information.

If the 5 Week IFR Course doesn’t fit your schedule, but you own a Technically Advanced Aircraft and want to get your instrument rating, Texas Top Aviation can customize a training schedule on a case by case basis.