Will Fly To Food: Texas Airport Diners

Looking for some good $100 Hamburger options in the state of Texas?  Here are some other good fly-in eateries around Texas.  These are ranked in no particular order because they are all just really good!  Most of these are located on the airport property, but a few are in town and worth the drive! Lockhart […]


Looking for some good $100 Hamburger options in the state of Texas?  Here are some other good fly-in eateries around Texas.  These are ranked in no particular order because they are all just really good!  Most of these are located on the airport property, but a few are in town and worth the drive!

  • Lockhart BBQ (50R):  With 4 BBQ options in Lockhart (and City Market BBQ 10 minutes away in Luling), you can’t go wrong with a stop in Lockhart.  Just grab the keys for the giant suburban, and away you go. Most folks who stop off in Lockhart will give it a legitimate claim over Hard 8 in Stephenville.
  • Angelina County Airport Restaurant (KLFK):  This is pure East Texas eating here in Lufkin.  With greasy, tasty burgers and sandwiches, breakfast, and ladies who call you “Sugar” when taking your order, this is down home if I ever tasted it.  Lufkin and Brenham are currently neck and neck for the best Texas burger.
  • Black Walnut Cafe (KCXO):  This airport diner, located at the Galaxy FBO in Conroe on the north side of Houston, is top notch.  The food is excellent (I have eaten several different sandwiches and have not been disappointed) and you can’t beat the 3rd floor runway view from the patio.  Not a bad place to spend the lunch hour, though make sure you get there before the lunch hour.  It fills up quick.

Black Walnut Cafe

  • Airport Diner (T82):  Right next to the Hangar Hotel, the Airport Diner in Fredericksburg brings back memories of the old soda fountains of the ’40s and ’50s.  With plates like the Warthog (their sausage sandwich with Fredericksburg made sausage) and the Whirly Bird (their chicken tenders wrap), the Airport Diner fully embraces the airport theme.  Better to stop for lunch on a weekday rather than a weekend as their isn’t a whole ton of seating.  Check your NOTAMs as the restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Radial Engine Cafe (KGPM):  A good little stop in the Dallas area for a simple burger, fries, and a Coke. Don’t get the smaller 17/35 runway at GPM confused with the much larger 16/34 runway at GKY just to the west.  Approaching from the south, this can be easily done.
  • Clear Springs Restaurant (KBAZ):  Come for the onion rings, stay for the fish.  Clear Springs is just a 5 minute drive from the airport and there are always plenty of crew cars available.  You could probably make a whole meal out of the onion rings themselves, but the fish is top notch too.
  • Gate 12 (KCLL):  The College Station Airport now has the 12th Man!  Aggie Fans will appreciate the Gate 12 experience with all the Texas A&M decorations scattered throughout the restaurant.  Bring an appetite if you want to tackle the burgers.  They are huge!  Parking is only at the FBO.  Only military planes get to park in front of the restaurant.
  • Cooper’s BBQ (KAQO):  Llano, TX is known for BBQ.  Just fly in to the airport, get a car, and after a 10 minute drive, you can take your pick of any kind of BBQ under the sun.  Careful, as it’s easy to over order!
  • Hangar 6 Restaurant (KUVA):  The newest restaurant on the list, located on the ramp at the Uvalde Airport, Hangar 6 tips it’s hat to the military history of the Uvalde airport while serving really good food.  Taxi in and walk up to the quaint little joint.  They even have a playground for the kids!
  • Sky Restaurant (KVCT):  Not quite within walking distance, but just a short drive from the FBO, Sky Restaurant specializes on the seafood, but they also have good burgers and steaks.  VCT is popular amongst the Air Force and Navy trainers in the area, especially around lunch!
  • Runway Cafe (KLBX):  The best place I have found for seafood along the Texas Gulf Coast.  With a huge runway to land on and a beautiful FBO next door, this is my go to for Fried Shrimp when I’m in the Houston area.
  • Delta Charlie’s (KRBD):  With quite an extensive menu (and a full bar for those overnight trips), I will definitely make RBD one of my routine stops. Dallas Jet Center recently opened in the terminal, so fueling your stomach and your plane can all be done in one spot.
  • The Red Baron Restaurant (KDHT):  The Panhandle of Texas hides many surprises and the Red Baron restaurant in Dalhart, TX is no exception.  For those early morning flights, The Red Baron makes a solid breakfast and a mean cup of coffee.  Lunch satisfies even the hungriest pilot.  Dalhart has a very spiffy modern FBO to sleep away that burger and fries until your passengers show back up too.
  • Hogg’s BBQ (KDUX):  I came hungry and I left very happy.  Hogg’s makes some good West Texas BBQ.  Huge helpings and an aviation themed dining room makes for a good choice.  Restaurant is located just behind the terminal building.  I was there for dinner and it wasn’t too crowded, but I bet lunch is hoppin’!
  • Aviator’s Grill (KDWH):  Located in the Gill Aviation, FBO, Aviator’s Grill has a great selection of creative sandwiches.  Hooks can be a little tricky to navigate while taxiing, but just tell ground you are going to Gill, and they will direct you to lunch.
  • Bill’s Burgers (KBMQ):  A short drive from the airport in the Burnet FBO’s new courtesy van deposits you at Bill’s Burgers, the largest burger this side of the Mississippi.  Always a popular lunch spot, especially on weekends, hitting lunch early or late is a good plan.  Don’t get a full order of fries unless you want to share.  It’s huge!  Closed on Mondays.

In my book, these are the other great places to stop on a flight in Texas.  Always make sure to come hungry! I probably missed a few along the way, so please feel free to add others to the list!

Note:  Some of the above restaurants are either closed for COVID, or are only doing takeout.  Make sure you call before hand.  Google doesn’t always have updated information.


  1. John J Blum Reply

    The Southern Flyer Diner at Brenham, TX (11R) is open Friday thru Monday 11am to 3pm. Food is great. Poodle skirts. Walk right in from the ramp.

  2. Chad B Carter Reply

    Two amazing spots in West Texas (both NW of Amarillo)
    KDHT – Dalhart – Red Baron Diner – daily 0630-1400 – awesome breakfast and burgers – park right where you eat!

    KDUX – Dumas/Moore County – Hoggs BBQ weekends 8-2100 and weekdays 11-2100. Breakfast all day! Best airport BBQ I’ve ever had! Restaurant is just 30 feet from parking and fuel. Great FBO where I spent the night due to bad weather once.

    Both are good flights to see the high desert

  3. Skip Warren Reply

    Souther Flyer at Brenham is closed permanently. 9/26/20.

  4. Rob Reply

    My plane is at KPWG in McGregor. The Chevron gas station across the street from PWG – yes gas station – has one of the best hamburgers in town. Harris Creek Grocery. Nice people and excellent food. Rob

  5. Jonathan Ausmus Reply

    Sky’s the limit diner at KTYR. I’ve never been there but it shows to be on the field.

  6. Michael Reply

    is the diner at Amarillo still open? It used to be a short walk through the FBO and there you are.

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